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8/24/2021: Charlie Watts you will be missed by many. May your Rolling Stones drumming memories live on forever!

6/30/2020 Hello Thunder fans, today is The Classic Thunder's birthday! Everyone here at The Classic Thunder Station would like to thank you all for 15 wonderful amazing years. If it was not for all of you amazing fans we would not be here. Thank you all so much, lets keep this amazing wonderful train going. We can't do it with out all of you

9/13/2019: Well today we lost a good singer. RIP Eddie will be missed! He passed away today at the age of 70 due to cancer.


4/7/2019: Good News! Our app is up and running again and can be downloaded from

2/18/2019: Hey fans! Like what you hear on our station and are throwing a party? We are available for parties and get togethers! Please send us a message and we will get you booked!

7/4/2018 hey all Happy 4th of July from all of us here at TcT Productions have a safe wonderful day today

6/30/18 - 12 Years ago today....TCT Productions online radio station went live for the first time. We will be celebrating with a contest and sales on merchandise that we will share more information tomorrow. Happy Birthday TCT!

3/14/2018-RIP Claudia Fontaine. She will be greatly missed!

3/14/20/18- RIP Stephen Hawking. So sad to see a great mind to go!


To all of our fans we had some minor internet issues but they have now been resolved and we are back up and running as of now. Please stop by and listen to some good music and sorry for the inconvenience!


Happy New Year! Good news for all you pacific north westerners....The Eagles are coming to Portland on May 5th! We were having technical issues with our app but it seems to be up and running again and waiting for you to download it on your smartphone! You can find it at or on your mobile device at Click on the search bar and search for The Classic Thunder. We are a 24/7 radio station so if it says we are off the air please reload your screen or click on the image below on You can tune into us on your gaming system(PS4 or Xbox 1) or smart tv as well! If you have not already please join our members page to get updates and information from The Classic Thunder. Happy Listening!


Thunder fans....Hope everyone had a great holiday season and is prepared for the new year! Here at The Thunder we just wanted to update you on some new information about upcoming tours.

**The Eagles will be touring starting mid March 2018 into the end of July 2018.

**Billy Idol will be doing a mainly overseas tour with a couple dates in the US starting late April 2018 ending late July 2018.

**Styx will be touring mid January 2018 to mid April 2018 adding REO Speedwagon and Don Felder mid way.

**Guns N' Roses will be doing a summer tour starting June 2018 into the end of July 2018.

**Ozzy Osbourne will be doing an overseas farewell tour starting May 2018 ending July 2018.

** Fleetwood Mac will be touring rumored....dates TBA

Please have a fun and safe New Year!

10/2/2017: Tom Petty passed away today. May your music live on for generations to come to enjoy!

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